Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Rule

Dear Reader,

Everyone has something to say about the war in Iraq. Here's my question and maybe it can give you another perspective on whatever shenanigans is going on. What is up with the new reflective belt rule?! No joke, you cannot go to dinner without wearing a ridiculous neon orange, green, or pink reflector belt around your waist or across your torso over your shoulder. That's right, we're making Iraq a safer place by requiring reflective belts to be worn to dinner! You know it's not a bad idea; people could run into each other at night. Or, maybe a slow moving vehicle creeping along the strictly enforced 16km per hour speed limit on a well-lit road might veer onto the sidewalk since it obviously can't see you without a giant neon reflector belt and because everyone knows slow-moving vehicles have a tendency to veer at night where there is a zero tolerance policy for any type of alcohol consumption. I think it would be really cool if the base was just a giant rave, or maybe at least if they played techno at the dining facility. Well, that's what I have to say about the war in Iraq.

Paz afuera.

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