Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Dear Reader,

So as of Saturday, I am officially a Veteran. This isn't exactly what I had in mind when as a small child I thought of one day being a veteran. I guess you normally wouldn't think of an Army war veteran as somebody who spends their day working at a computer and heading out to meetings. The only enemy fire I ever take is someone drilling me about my powerpoint slides-- and even that could be far worse in the safest US workplace. I suppose some people are relieved by this, but I have to confess I'm fairly dissappointed. It just seems that I could be doing the exact same thing I do here back home. Still, there is something cool about being deployed and I am still proud to be a veteran. It's good to know that although I'm not patrolling the streets of Baghdad, I'm still contributing my time and effort, albeit on powerpoint, word, and excel. Now I have a cool new medal to wear on my dress uniform and I can wear a combat patch beneath my right shoulder.


  1. Congratulations on the honor! That is fantastic!

    Just because you are not involved in combat doesn't mean that your work isn't important and appreciated. You should be proud of the sacrifices you are making and the hard work you are putting in. I sure appreciate you!

  2. You've only blogged like 6 times and you already have as many followers as I do. I think that deserves a special badge. If I make you one and mail it to you will you wear it on your uniform? If not, will you tie it to a piece of floss and wear it around your neck?