Monday, July 13, 2009

Please Enjoy The Desert

Dear Reader,

I followed my friend Abby's lead to start up a blog. Blogs require 2 things: care, and insight. If I lack any of these two ingredients please inform me and I will terminate the blog immediately. I will preemptively confess that I may lack care at some points in my blogging career but that's just because I don't know my time constraints yet so give me a chance before I have to terminate. Thanks.

I named this blog 'Please Enjoy the Desert' because I am like a Bedouin (for now). That is, I live in a tent in the desert and I eat kiwis for dessert after almost every meal. I'm growing a mustache, which I've had to lobby for, and I decided I'm going to try to avoid pork (but I ate some today). It's fun for novelty's sake but other than that it is probably the least ideal place to live. In the world. It averages 120 degrees F daily and you can't even enjoy the sun because it is covered by dust-- that covers everything. I will try to have a photo of the dust posted, but I am not allowed to take one from here so you may have to wait for the dust photo. My blog is getting long already so I will write about more interesting things later. I just wanted to talk about the title for a little bit; I think it's clever.


  1. Juan, this is the best day of my life. I am going to be an avid follower and advocate for your blog. You are my favorite.

  2. I think it would be cleverer if you changed it to "Please Enjoy The Dessert".

  3. i thought about dessert but i like desert better because it's a part of every minute of my new life and blogging career (there's even desert dust on my keyboard that i'm typing on!). Dessert is delicious, but i only get it at meal times.